Get a Pregnancy Lift with Loving Moments’ Maternity Belt Support Band

We all need a pick-me-up every now and then – perhaps more often when you’re pregnant. As your precious baby continues to develop, your growing bump may become a source of pain in your abdomen, hips, pelvis and lower back. We’ve designed a Maternity Belt Support Band to help counteract this discomfort and give you that lift you need as a mom-to-be.

Whether you are carrying high or low, your baby is getting bigger and stronger every day. As you grow a human miracle in your womb, you may grow achy and sore too, which doesn’t feel miraculous at all. That’s when you need our Maternity Belt Support Band.

Get a Pregnancy Lift with Loving Moments’ Maternity Belt Support Band

This must-have for expectant moms fits just under your bump to gently take some of the weight off your hips, pelvis and back. The adjustable strap cradles your baby as snugly as you wish and can easily be modified for days when you need more or less support.  Our support band actually features three bands: One wraps completely around your body from back to belly, and the other two are side straps for extra support and adjustability.

The design is thin to ensure a “barely there” look beneath your clothes. It moves with your body so you can be as active as life demands. Our Maternity Belt Support Band is also soft so it won’t irritate or scratch your sensitive pregnancy skin. Plus it’s available in black and white to compliment your wardrobe.

Our Maternity Belt Support Band is safe for all-day wear as it is not intrusive or restrictive to your baby’s growth and development. Expectant moms who are on-the-go and on their feet for most of the day find belly support an incredible asset. It’s also wonderful for moms who are sitting often because it stays in place and doesn’t fold over when you’re in a seated position.

Beyond your pregnancy days, our Maternity Belt Support Band is great after your baby arrives too. As your belly slowly shrinks, you may need continued support for your abdomen and back. Using our support band will help you stay comfortable as your body heals and you adjust to life with your new little bundle of joy.

Still not sure you need our Maternity Belt Support Band? Maybe these moms will convince you:

Ahhhhhh…feels so good! With this being my third pregnancy, I have started having bad cramps under my stomach and in my lower back. It was suggested to me by my doc to get a maternity belt and she had even recommended this one as she saw it at Walmart one day and noted that its width looked perfect. Boy was she right! As soon as I put it on and stood up, I could tell that this would be my new BFF! You can’t beat it for the price, either.” by LogansMama29 on

Just what I needed… do a lot of walking and would feel pressure on my lower abdomen area from the baby. My pants weren’t providing enough support, so I figured a belly band would help. Boy did it ever. I can now walk comfortably. I don’t wear it all day everyday. Just when I need extra support. I haven’t had any trouble with it shifting or rolling.” by iheartthe505 on

Very helpful… Lightweight, comfortable to wear for long periods, and it helped so much with my hip pain. I am carrying twins and there’s a lot of things out of place right now lol. It’s made a huge difference for me.” by PickyMomandDad on

“I used this as a support belt during my 3rd trimester, and I wish I had gotten it sooner! I had been having back problems and pinched nerves. I wore this part of one day and ALL the pains were gone. I wore it almost everyday, and it is comfortable enough to do so. I did not sleep in it, but I could have. I loved that it was so adjustable. I highly recommend it.” by LainFamily on