Gender Predictors and Ultrasound Tests: Did You Find Out Your Baby’s Sex Before Delivery?

Gender Predictors and Ultrasound Tests: Did You Find Out Your Baby’s Sex Before Delivery?

What do you think, moms? Did you want to know your baby’s sex the first second you possibly could, or were you adamant about waiting until delivery to know if you were welcoming a daughter or son into the world? Choosing whether or not to know your baby’s sex is an important decision every expectant couple faces today. Recent advances in ultrasound technology make it even easier to accurately know your baby’s gender as early as four months pregnant. So, did you choose to wait or was your nursery painted blue or pink before your baby’s arrival?

Learning a baby’s sex before delivery might seem like a ruined surprise to some couples, while others are happy to have the extra months to plan, shop, and pick a name before the big day. But be careful if you reveal your baby’s sex before delivery—you might unknowingly open yourselves to unsolicited advice and opinions from well-meaning friends, family members, and strangers. Think about keeping the gender to yourselves and close friends if you’re set on knowing beforehand. After all, in less than a year everyone will know one way or the other!

If you keep your baby’s sex a surprise, don’t be alarmed when family members and strangers try out their baby gender predictions on you and your growing bump! There’s an ancient, folkloric element to guessing a baby’s gender before birth, and many cultures have unique traditions that predict whether or not you’ll have a son or a daughter.

Whether or not you choose to find out before delivery, it’s important to remember that your baby’s sex is only one part of your child’s identity. Hoping for a healthy, happy infant should be the #1 priority in every expectant parent’s book. We’re sure you will dote on your little one whether you have a boy or a girl! Foster your loving bond with your little one by caring for them with all the love you have to give.

Did you choose to wait to find out your baby’s sex? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments!