Fruit Art

Fruit Art

Hello crafts, meet fruit!

Most kids love sweet, delicious fruit. And most kids love crafts as well. We’re combining the two for some awesomely fun fruit art projects for you and your kiddos. If your baby is eating solids, she can enjoy the deconstruction – a.k.a. eating – portion of the program. Even if not, observing, smelling and touching fruit is a great sensory activity for infants.

Fruit Art Project #1: Taste the Rainbow

Rainbows are fascinating for kids and adults alike. Talk about how rainbows form and the color pattern they make and then create one using a variety of colorful fruits. [IDEAS: Red – strawberries or raspberries, Orange – oranges slices or mango, Yellow – pineapple or peaches, Green – kiwi or green grapes, Blue – blueberries, Purple – plums or blackberries.]  Arrange the fruits in an arched shape in rainbow color order. Regardless of the weather outside, you’ll have a beautiful rainbow treat inside.

Fruit Art Project #2: Beautiful Butterfly

Butterflies make excellent fruit art because they are stunning and offers the opportunity to talk about symmetry since the wings of butterflies are symmetrical. A banana or long melon slice makes a good center for the butterfly’s body and then your kids can arrange fruit in a symmetrical pattern to create the wings. Don’t forget the antennae with blueberries on top.

Fruit Art

Fruit Art Project #3: Tree Treat

With just two fruits you can create a beautiful tree. Peel a tangerine, clementine or halo and pull apart the sections. (Kids love pulling apart the sections!)  Use the slices to make a tree trunk and tree branches. Then scatter green grapes across the top surrounding the branches.

Fruit Art Project #4: Adorable Lion

This king of the jungle isn’t going to scare anyone but it sure does look cute. Start with a ring of pineapple for the base of the face. Add tangerine sections all around for the mane. Banana rounds are perfect for the ears and the base of the eyes and then add blueberries for the pupils. Use a melon triangle for the nose with a few blueberries beneath for the mouth. And complete your lion with very thin apple slices for the whiskers.

Fruit Art Project #5: Flower Garden

There are many ways to make flowers out of fruit and your kids can experiment with them all! Thinly sliced sticks of apple or pair make a nice stem and kiwi slices or green grapes are terrific leaves. Using brightly colored berries, your little ones can make beautiful flower petals. Or you can use floral-shaped cookie cutters on melon or pineapple to cut out flowers. Encourage your kids to make several different types of flowers and create a garden scene with grass, a sun and perhaps some birds or clouds as well.

Fruit Art Project #6: Come Sail Away

It doesn’t get much cuter than these adorable sailboats. Tangerine slices make the perfect boat shape for the base and wedged apple slices act as the sails. Use one stick-shaped slice in the middle to hold up the sails. Make a small flag for the top out of melon, strawberry or pineapple. Then add a row of blueberries underneath so your sailboats set sail in the ocean blue.

What’s your favorite fruit art project?