Food to Bring to the Hospital after Childbirth

foods to bring to the hospital after childbirthGiving birth is a major experience for your body and it can have some interesting side-effects. Many moms report being ravenous after childbirth while others find themselves backed up and in need of relief. Your nurses will probably encourage you to eat plenty in the hospital so your body has the nutrients it needs to heal and energy to care for your new bundle of joy. While the hospital will likely be able to accommodate most of your meals, we have a few suggestions of food to bring to the hospital after childbirth.

Snacks: Whether your labor is long or short, giving birth exerts A LOT of energy. During a long labor or when preparing for a c-section, you probably will not have eaten for many hours before giving birth. Between that, beginning your breastfeeding journey and all the work you did to bring a new life into the world, you’re likely going to be quite hungry after the excitement settles. If it’s not mealtime at the hospital when your hunger kicks in, you’ll want to have snacks available to keep your energy up. Bring a bag of nutritious, nonperishable snacks such as protein bars, nuts, nut butters, whole wheat crackers, apples or dried fruit. This may be helpful for your partner and visitors too, as hospital meals will only be provided for you.

Lactation Promoting Foods: You’ll want to start breastfeeding immediately after your baby is born. Food to bring to the hospital after childbirth should therefore include a few galactogogues – foods that promote lactation. Oatmeal is one of the easiest choices because you can bring packets of instant oats to make for breakfast or snacks. Anything else with oats will also help so try oatmeal bars or oatmeal cookies too. Also bring lactation tea to help jumpstart your milk supply.

Constipation Relief: It is very common for new mothers to become constipated after giving birth. Hormones and other funky things that are rearranging in your body may have you backed up for a few days. Your nurses may give you a gentle laxative to help get you going, but you can assist too by bringing prunes or prune juice to the hospital. You can also stock up on high-fiber snacks that will help bind to your waste and send it out of your body.

Water: So, you don’t need to bring regular water to the hospital because they will certainly have plenty. But if you like a certain type of water – say sparkling or triple filtered – you may want to bring your own. Staying hydrated is essential for your own health and wellbeing and for producing that wonderful breast milk. Also, if you prefer drinking from a certain type of cup, bring that along too.

Mints or Gum: It’s a foregone conclusion that you won’t be doing a ton of sleeping during your hospital stay after childbirth. Your baby will need your attention around the clock, you may have friends and family visiting, and your vital signs will be checked often. You should catch naps when you can but getting up to brush your teeth after each one may not be possible or comfortable. Have some mints or gum available to keep your breath fresh after naps.

As you’re packing your hospital bag towards the end of your pregnancy, throw in some of these foods to bring to the hospital after childbirth so you’re stocked and ready for the big occasion!