Feeding on Demand

feeding on demandFeeding on Demand

Having a new baby is such a blessing but can also be a bit overwhelming. With a lack of experience, along with a lack of sleep, you sometimes wonder how you are going to get through the first few weeks. A new baby who demand feeds, may feed up to 12 times a day. First, always remember that the newborn period is such a short time. If your baby is nursing close to every 2 hours, there isn’t much time in between. You may want to consider a sling or front carrier to keep baby with you and give you flexibility to get things done between feeds. Once you get comfortable with a sling you can easily breastfeed on the go. Also remember when the baby is nursing it gives you a chance to rest, which is much needed in the early weeks after your baby is born.

Amy Berry
RN, Certified Lactation Consultant and, most importantly, Mother of 7 (all breastfed!)