Family Time and Summer Fun with Loving Moments Spokesmom Danah Bordner

Danah and TaylorNow that school’s finally out, what are your summer plans for your family? Are your kids old enough to enjoy summer camp, or are you in the midst of planning a family vacation? Whether you’re a mom to little ones or toddlers, summertime is about taking advantage of the nice weather and making the most out of the long, sunny days. Loving Moments by Leading Lady Spokesmom Danah Bordner talks about her recent decision to take a break from the LPGA tour and how her summer days are filled with quality time with her daughter Taylor. Danah shares some of the activities they love to do together most, and why having some alone time is also beneficial for her mental and physical wellbeing during her second pregnancy. Thanks for sharing your summer so far with us, Danah!

I recently took a leave of absence from playing on the LPGA Tour due to being 7 months pregnant. I had two reasons for stepping away; the first was that it was getting more difficult to “keep up” with some of the physical demands of the tour, and the second was that I wanted to enjoy the summer with my daughter Taylor. We have truly enjoyed being home in Pittsford, New York together. Watching Taylor develop new language and social skills every day has been fun and exciting. Some days seem harder than others, especially when your little one tests your patience or you feel too tired to do anything at all, but seeing her day-to-day growth and smiling face makes my decision worth it.

Some of the activities Taylor and I enjoy doing together include: having picnics outside, drawing with chalk, going through the alphabet, painting (outside of course), gardening (she is quite the digger and watering helper), finding bugs, going on play dates with friends, going to the park and playground, swinging in our front yard, going on golf cart rides with daddy, playing in daddy’s golf shop at Irondequoit Country Club, and of course the occasional ice cream cone at Pittsford Dairy.

An important part of motherhood to me is staying healthy both physically and emotionally. I’m fortunate enough to have a great gym I can go to where Taylor can play with other kids while I can have some time to myself. Whether I’m lifting, doing cardio, yoga, or swimming, each exercise allows me to stay healthy during my pregnancy.

Recently, Taylor and I visited my hometown, Indianapolis, where we were able to take some personal time together before baby #2 comes along. Family time is important, and whether you’re spending time with your immediate family, extended family, or friends that are like family, it’s important to cherish the moments you share together. This trip was important to me because I want my daughter to get to know those who love her most.

Wishing you a happy summer, new and expecting moms!


Danah Bordner
Mom, LPGA Professional Golfer and Loving Moments Spokesmom

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