Fall Maternity-to-Nursing Wardrobe Essentials

As we head into Labor Day weekend, it’s time to think about fall.  In the past when the cooler weather sets in, you probably pulled out your storage bins of sweaters and long pants to transition your wardrobe.  But when you’re pregnant or nursing, you’ll need a different plan.  And with the change of a season, you have the opportunity to define your own style, whether you’re in maternity clothes or nursing-friendly attire.

Maternity Leggings During pregnancy, strutting around in maxi dresses and maternity shorts felt great in the sweltering summer heat, but now that fall is around the corner, you’ll need to cover up a bit more.  The number one fall wardrobe essential for expecting moms is maternity leggings.  Stretchy and comfortable, stylish and functional, maternity leggings are heaven to a moms-to-be’s body.  Loving Moments’ maternity leggings feature a unique adjustable waist band that grows with you as you progress through pregnancy and cinches back down after your little one arrives.

Maternity leggings are ideal for fall and winter because you can pair them with almost any top.  Perhaps a three-quarter length maternity blouse in the fall, or try them with an oversized sweater in the winter.  You can also dress up or dress down your maternity leggings.  Heading out to a prenatal yoga class?  Maternity leggings allow maximum flexibility and comfort.  Choose an equally stretchy active-wear top and you’ll arrive at Namaste in no time. Trying to look maternity chic at your college reunion?  Pop on your maternity leggings and some hot tall boots, along with a splashy blouse and trendy jewelry and classmates will be uber impressed.

L317-Gray-prod-pageFor pregnant and nursing moms, layering is crucial.  With hormonal fluctuations and everyone’s thermostat being set to different temperatures, you’ll want to layer your fall wardrobe to ensure you stay comfortable indoors and out.  The best way to start is with a maternity-to-nursing tank top.  Ours offers a very flattering silhouette, with an empire waist and a stretch lace neckline.  It’s made of soft, breathable cotton and has adjustable straps.  But the best part is the super-supportive inner bra with slings and nursing clasps.  When breasts are sensitive during pregnancy and early nursing days, a built-in bra is a dream come true.

Layer your maternity cami or nursing tank top under cardigans, button down blouses or other short or long sleeved shirts.  We know from experience, having this cooler option under your outerwear can be extremely helpful.  Plus, when you’re breastfeeding, a nursing cami will allow easy access for feedings.  With our fitted waist cami nursing tank, you can stay cool and comfortable during pregnancy and be ready to nurse once the baby arrives.  The cute style with lace detail makes it a fashionable choice for many occasions.

L347Our final wardrobe essential is a tip that we believe is true for all women everywhere, pregnant, nursing or not.  Be sure to wear comfortable bras that fit and support your body.  Unfortunately you’ve probably experienced the uncomfortable feeling of a bra that pinches in the back or slips off the shoulder.  When you’re pregnant you certainly don’t need one more thing to make you uncomfortable.  And when you’re nursing, you need extra support for your breasts.  It’s also important be prepared for size fluctuations as your milk production settles.  Expecting and new moms both may experience breast sensitivity so maternity bras and nursing bras made of soft, stretchy fabrics are ideal.  As you progress through pregnancy, your breasts will likely change and grow.  That’s a good time to fit yourself for new bras and nursing bras are the smartest choice so you’re ready for baby.

As you’re preparing your fall wardrobe, make sure you have the three maternity and nursing wardrobe essentials:  maternity leggings, a nursing tank top and comfortable bras.  With these three basic pieces you can build outfits to represent your personal fall style.