End of the Summer Family Vacation/Staycation

End of the Summer Family Vacation/StaycationThe end of the summer is the perfect time to plan a short family vacation before the kids head back to school. Before the hustle and bustle of homework and scheduling dinner around sports practices and clarinet recitals, make a plan to get in some much needed family time. While traveling long distances might not be in your budget, try searching for short distance destinations your family will enjoy. Local beaches, lakes, cities, and even your own backyard can offer an endless amount of family fun you’ve never even thought possible!

Today we have four ideas that will be fun for the whole family, and easy on your wallet:


City Trips

If you live by a major city you are right next to countless opportunities your whole family can enjoy. Urban life can be full of awesome places to take the kids, such as Art and History museums, parks, lakes, and amazing restaurants. If you’re able to take a whole weekend trip find fun things to do for free in your city. There are always fun things to do when you’re on a budget. Some other ideas to do are spend the day shopping around downtown, checkout local bakeries and tea shops, take a walk around the park playing catch or throwing a Frisbee, or take a history lesson at a museum. If you’re looking for something for you and your partner to enjoy, and your children are old enough to stay by themselves for a few hours, checkout your hotel to see if they have a spa! A city is a great place for everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves. A perfect idea, to get the kids feel involved, is to have them pick out where they want to go. Have them pick out their favorite shops and restaurants and plan to go there. A fun idea is to create a scavenger hunt! Make a list of things you want to see or find while in the city. The whole family will have a hoot, and it will be something you’ll remember for a long time!


Camping Trips

A camping trip is a great idea to spend some quality time with your family. It’s also fairly cheap! If you’re looking into local campsites or even destinations a little further from your home, most places only charge $30 or less for a lot. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, and live close to a national park, you can always go off on your own, but be careful to make sure there aren’t any fees or restrictions before you set up camp. Spending time outdoors with the family is a great opportunity to bond with your kids, and get a little more in touch with nature and away from all electronics! Camping can involve many activities depending on where you set up camp. If you’re in a national park you can enjoy hiking, rock climbing, learning about different rocks and plants, and a number of other fun things! If you’re near a lake you have the option of swimming and laying out in the sun. A camping trip is the best excuse to lay back and relax while teaching your kids how to make the best s’mores around the campfire.


Lake/Ocean Trips

If you’re lucky enough to live by the ocean or even by a major lake, your family weekend trip is as simple as when! Take your kids to the beach and relax before school starts and indulge in the nice weather, great food, and amazing atmosphere these two options have to offer. There are numerous fun things to do with the kids when you live close to water. Take them fishing, have a cookout on the beach with a fire, swim, parasailing is available everywhere by the ocean, and it’s always fun to do a little shopping at the endless beachy shops near the boardwalks. You can stay in a hotel, rent out an RV, camp, or simply do a day trip. Whatever you choose you and your family will have a blast!


Staycation at Home

If you don’t have time to get out of the house for the weekend, and you want to save your money for a longer vacation, there are plenty of fun things to do with the kids at home. Instead of going camping make your backyard a campground! Set up a tent, build a fire, cook hot dogs and pizzas, roast s’mores, and have a good time with the kids! They will have a blast staying up late with you and laying under the stars. If you want to do something a little more special, look up how to build a teepee and a movie projector on Pinterest. You will find hundreds of easy step by step instructions on how to do this, and it will be something you can pack away and bring out again! If you’re looking to do a little swimming and splashing around turn your yard into a water park. Grab yourself some water balloons, squirt guns, and a tarp and you will find yourself and the kids having the best time while cooling off in the summer sun.