Do Babies Develop Allergies from Playtime with Pets?

Do Babies Develop Allergies from Playtime with Pets?Sure, you’ve spent time properly introducing your pet to your newborn. Maybe you even followed some of the pet interaction guidelines we posted here, but have you ever wondered if having a baby in the same household as a pet is healthy? With allergy and disease concerns, it’s not uncommon that some parents might worry that their baby will get sick or develop allergies from a pet.

Good news! Preliminary research shows that having a pet benefits baby’s health. Rather than activating allergies, studies suggest that a pet’s household presence helps to build baby’s immune system. And you don’t have to worry if your pet enjoys the outdoors, the same study linked fewer baby respiratory issues with pets who played in the yard.

If your baby shows the classic signs of asthma or other respiratory issues, get your infant to a pediatrician who can help diagnose allergy symptoms. Also, make sure to keep up-to-date on your pet’s vaccinations so your pet and baby are as healthy as can be.

Breastfeeding is another way to strengthen your baby’s immune system. Breast milk contains valuable nutrition and antibodies, so make the choice to nurse your baby if possible. You can feel even safer about your baby’s playtime with your dog or cat knowing that your breast milk is working to keep your baby healthy.