Developmental Milestones: When Do Babies Crawl?

Your baby’s developmental milestones are always video worthy whether they’re big moments or  smaller, poignant baby milestones that you’ll remember just as vividly. Loving Moments by Leading Lady chose its name because we believe in the tender, quiet moments a mother shares with her baby just as we do the larger celebrations shared by the whole family. We’ll feature a question that new parents frequently ask concerning when their child will develop a certain skill.

Active Crossover Nursing Top

At the eight month mark, you can expect your baby to truly crawl for the first time. And once he or she gets the hang of it—hold on! You can count on a quick learning curve as your baby gets faster and more assured with movement. Good thing Loving Moments’ Active Crossover Nursing Top helps mom stay comfy and cute while chasing after her munchkin.

Make sure that you pay attention to your baby while he or she is getting the hang of crawling–there are sure to be a few bumps and bruises as baby navigates your living room terrain. Watch out for chairs, coffee Sports Bratables, and other furniture items that have sharper edges that baby could accidentally crawl into. You might want to try our Maternity to Nursing Sports Bra that’s perfect for keeping up with your baby on the go. It’s adjustable and features a mesh racer back so you’ll stay cool and comfortable all day.

When your little one tires after a full day of crawling exploration, enjoy the quieter moments of relaxed snuggling. Because after a night’s rest, your baby will be ready to work on motor skills again!

Until the next baby milestone, enjoy this one while you can!

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