Delicious Baby Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween! We hope you and your little ones are enjoying the Halloween season and preparing for the big night. We’re getting very excited and we just HAVE to share some of our favorite delicious baby Halloween costumes. Because, if you’re like us, sometimes you just want to eat up your adorable little baby!

If you’re still looking for a last minute idea and you’ve got food in mind, check out these yummy baby Halloween costumes:

Adorably Ripe

Keep your little one warm and nutritious wrapped in one of these fun fruit and veggie costumes. Your crispy carrot, juicy strawberry, ear of corn or pea in the pod will be a welcome sight among all of the candy. Bunting costumes are especially great for newborns who want to join in the festivities.


Sweet and Scrumptious

While your little one may not be enjoying candy quite yet, he can dress up like it. These playful baby Halloween costumes look good enough to eat! (junior mints, sugar babies, tootsie roll)










Family Faves

Incorporate your family’s favorite meals into your baby Halloween costume. Pizza and hot dogs, peanuts and tacos, and don’t forget the sushi! Or if you have a baby who rules the roost, a chef’s costume may be most appropriate. (pizza, hot dogs, peanuts, tacos, sushi, chef)