Dads and Breastfeeding

Dads and Breastfeeding

My first seven months as a dad have been a mix of excitement, nervousness, happiness, sleeplessness, and pride. We are so blessed to have a happy and healthy little girl. I give my wife a lot of credit for that. Her profession requires a lot of travel, but she knew how beneficial breast feeding is to a new baby, and she was determined to give that to our child. When Taylor was first born, she was waking every 3 hours to eat. As a dad, it seems like there is not a lot we can do to help since we can’t feed them. I did find three things that seem small, but mean a lot to our breast feeding wives.

1. When the baby wakes up to eat, go get him or her out of the crib or bassinet and bring them to Mom. It keeps you connected to that important feeding time with the baby, and Mom appreciates the effort.

2. Bring them something to drink while they feed. The milk production and feeding take a lot of energy, and it is important they stay hydrated.

3. Change your share of the diapers. Babies often need to be changed after eating, and if Mom can go back to sleep while Dad changes a diaper, it feels like more of a team effort.

Even though breast feeding is between the Mother and her baby, try to support her as much as possible in her effort. She and your baby will thank you!

Steve Bordner

Steve is the proud new father of Taylor and husband to Dahah Bordner, LPGA Professional golfer and Loving Moments spokesmom.

Danah Bordner and Family

LPGA Professional Golfer Danah Bordner and her husband Steve and daughter Taylor

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