Celebrating Mom with Moms 4 Mom Day


Picture courtesy of TheBump.com

Every mom’s had one of those moments when another person offers advice or criticism (or some blend of the two) that contradicts whatever parenting choice she had made. Whether it’s about baby names, baby delivery method, sleeping, eating—really, you name it—every mom finds her own path that works best for her and her family. That’s why The Bump and CT Working Moms Group came together and designated March 4th as Moms 4 Moms day.

The inaugural Moms 4 Moms day focused on moms sharing parenting choices that come up as hotly-contested arguments between different groups. Some examples of mom confessions included: “I work full time,” “I had a c-section,” “I supplement and breastfeed,” and “I choose to home school.” Moms were meant to empower their choices by making simple assertions—and the outcome was a great show of support from other moms and participants.

Moms 4 Moms day served as an important reminder that parenting involves a lot of complicated, personal choices and there is no one formula which all moms should follow to raise the perfect child. Even though we at Loving Moments are huge advocates of breastfeeding, we understand that not every mom will nurse, nurse exclusively, or nurse for more time than she’s comfortable. We understand! Moms 4 Moms day is a great reminder that respect is the greatest gift one mom can give to another, regardless of what birth plan she chose to follow.

We’re in this together, moms!