Capturing Your Baby’s First Year with Breastfeeding Photography

Capturing Your Baby's First Year with Breastfeeding PhotographyAlthough some women may feel uncomfortable in this situation, breastfeeding photography is beginning to be a big trend in today’s world. Campaigns, such as “Free the Nipple,” are emerging and getting much public attention. More and more women are embracing their bodies and their motherly abilities to feed their children, and while it might have been something labeled as “inappropriate” before, you will now find many women not being ashamed of breastfeeding out in public.

Artistically, breastfeeding photography can be such a beautiful thing which captures the act of love, and a precious moment shared between a mother and her baby. Today, we are going to focus on how to capture there moments during your baby’s first year:

There are many things to consider before trying to take photos of yourself breastfeeding your new little one. Because your baby is still so small and fairly new to your world, they might not be able to catch on to the whole art of breastfeeding. Before you try snapping a photo, remember to be patient and not try and force your baby onto your nipple. Time will come when they become pros. Other things to consider are your poses, clothing options, and what you believe to be explicit. Many women might be a little uncomfortable showing off their entire breast, where others don’t. Clothing and appearance is entirely up to you. A cute idea is to match a color scheme with your baby. An example of this could be a white onesie for your baby and a simple white tee for you.

If you’re choosing to hire a photographer you might be thinking about going somewhere to take the photos. You might choose a park as a location for a nice outdoor setting, or maybe you want to be a little more personal and have them take place in the comfort of your own home. For newborn photos you might find it easier to take them in your home. It gives you a little more privacy and comfortability, especially for your baby. If you are having someone else take your photos don’t forget to have fun! If you’re nervous try focusing solely on your baby and let the photographer get their best shots. Rocking, singing, and smiling are great ways to engage both you and your baby into the photos.

A great way to tell if breastfeeding photography is right for you is to first test it out. Practice in the mirror by posing with your baby. Documenting your breastfeeding experience with your little one is a beautiful thing and if you feel comfortable embracing then do it!