Breastfeeding while Pregnant

Breastfeeding while pregnant is more than just safe, it’s natural. Your body is designed to work miracles when it comes to your children. Not only can you breastfeed while pregnant but, after birthing your second child, you can nurse both little ones at once. Breastfeeding twins or two different aged siblings at once is called “tandem nursing” and it is incredibly common and healthy.


Breastfeeding while Pregnant While pregnant, many women worry about producing enough nutrients for both their growing baby and nursling and fear they will have to drastically increase their food intake. In reality, our remarkable bodies only require a well-balanced, nutritious diet. If you’re feeling hungry then go ahead and eat! If you’re feeling thirsty then drink! Trust your body and give it whatever it needs.


There are a few side effects to consider if this is your first time breastfeeding while pregnant:


All of these are normal and should be expected:

  • Different looking and tasting breast milk
    • Towards the end of a woman’s pregnancy, her body will begin to produce thicker, yellowish milk which will stop after the first few days of a baby’s birth. This is called colostrum and it is both normal and healthy.


  • A slight lessening of your breast milk supply
    • Hormonal changes will cause a woman’s milk supply to slightly decrease most likely by the second trimester.


  • Nipples far more tender than normal
    • As many women gently massage their tender breasts and nipples for comfort, some soon-to-be mothers are worried that the stimulation will cause an early birth as it helps the body produce oxytocin (a hormone that plays a large roll in contractions). In truth, the oxytocin produced is not enough to cause an early birth during normal circumstances.


Make sure to always speak to your lactation consultant prior to nursing while pregnant or participating in tandem nursing. Every woman is unique and specific steps and suggestions may be recommended that are essential for you as a mother.