Breastfeeding Success Story: Tazeen from Saline County, KS WIC

Breastfeeding Success Story: Tazeen from Saline County, KS WIC“I know this is supposed to be a short letter, so I will try my very best to sum up all the wonderful things about this breastfeeding group and more so about Ms. Mona Hargrave.

I moved to Kansas from New York about two years ago and I didn’t know anyone, didn’t have any “go-to” places and I didn’t know anything about what the county offered its constituents. During my second year in Kansas my husband and I found out we were going to have a little baby after 10-years of marriage! As wonderful as the news was, it was also heartbreaking to be away from home (we are a military family) and our friends and most importantly my mother.

I wanted to take classes for first time parents, first time moms, learn how to prep for baby, take safety classes and I wanted to read all the books on having a baby. I finally met someone who I could call a friend and she introduced me to this wonderful idea of taking a class about breastfeeding and infant safety. I figured sure this would be a good start. Unfortunately, I worked in Salina and lived in Ft. Riley, so to take those classes with my husband would be quite a commute. This is where Mona comes in.

Mona helped find a program which was close to my residence and I was able to attend all the classes. I was also invited to join the Facebook group. I had no idea that this group existed.

This group and Mona have been so helpful to me. Mona always makes sure to answer any private and public messages. I have never met her person, yet I feel like she has always had mine and my baby’s best interest. She posts articles that have research and scientific back up. Provides links for reference on anything related to breastfeeding and infant and mommy safety. She never discredits anyone’s opinions or remarks or experiences. And she never judges the choices we make. She only encourages us to try breastfeeding and reach out if we feel defeated or can’t figure out what to do. She doesn’t pressure to breastfeed either, rather she educates us on all the wonderful benefits to baby and mom.

The moms on the group page are wonderful as well. They are always offering insight and personal experience, which are so great. I never felt like “oh why is this happening to me”. I felt good knowing that we shared similar experiences.

Mona and the group are wonderful. I really don’t know if I would have made it as far as I have nursing my infant son, had it not been for all the knowledge, encouragement and support provided by Mona. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Tazeen from Saline County, KS WIC