Breastfeeding Success Story: Lena from San Antonio La Leche League

Breastfeeding Success Story: Lena from San Antonio La Leche League“This isn’t what most would consider a “beautiful” breastfeeding picture but it means the world to me and is an image I will treasure forever. It is a moment that I thought I lost because I didn’t have any memory of it.

Having a successful breastfeeding relationship has always been incredibly important to me. I read everything I could before Mila was born and learned that nursing your baby in the first hour after birth greatly increased your chances of breastfeeding success.

Right after Mila was born my midwives and doula helped me latch on my tiny little baby. We had a few bumps in the road but over all had a pretty easy time with nursing. Because Mila’s birth went so smoothly, I just assumed things with Ronja’s would be similar and we would be able to nurse right away.

Despite it being important to me, I took for granted that it was something that I would get to do. However, I found myself on an operating table barely able to hold my eyes open due to the combination of a blood loss and adrenaline crash. The next thing I knew they were taking my baby off my chest and escorting Kody out of the OR.

We had requested that we all stay together as long as we were okay, so I knew something wasn’t right. By the time I saw them again I was so out of it from the pain medications and blood loss, I barely remember it. I honestly have no idea if we got to nurse within the first hour, probably not, but it was close.

I love this picture because, to me, it represents how Kody knew just how important this moment was to me, fiercely protected it AND thought to take this photo of the first time she nursed. Despite being panicked about not knowing what was going on with me in the OR he remembered everything we learned in our birth class and everything in the emergency plan that we thought we’d never need.

He held our new baby skin to skin, keeping her warm and comfortable instead of having her go to the nursery. He knew that she would not need formula and declined a bottle when it was offered (despite feeling a little pressure to give it to her). He knew how much I would love this picture even though I didn’t look my best.

This is what it looks like to have a supportive partner in breastfeeding and I’m so thankful to have it. Thank you, Kody, for always listening and caring whenever I talked to you about my breastfeeding goals, and for supporting me and our babies. Happy World Breastfeeding Week to all the mamas out there (and special thanks to the partners who support and encourage them).”

Lena from San Antonio La Leche League