Breastfeeding Success Story: Katrina from Saline County, KS WIC

Breastfeeding Success Story: Kristina from Saline County, KS WIC“I have 5 kids and have breastfed them all. They all didn’t come easy.

My first was over 9 lbs and everyone told me I didn’t have enough milk for him. I started to supplement with formula and then just cold turkey. I didn’t have a support system to go to.

My second was breastfed for 6 months and refused to take the breast one day. I didn’t know anything of pumping and cold turkeyed her too.

My third I breastfed and pumped but between two jobs and being stubborn to ask for help my supply went down after 6 months. She had breast milk up to 8 months old due to my pumping stash.

My fourth child was where I felt successful with breastfeeding. I breastfed her for 17 months and I even pumped due to always feeling engorged. It worked out with a deep freezer full of milk because I supplied my sister’s preemie with breast milk for almost a year.

Mona at WIC encouraged me to push through the pain I encountered. I ended up with mastitis and Mona gave me tips to help relieve it. I got a bad yeast infection on both breast and Mona helped with relieving the pain from it. I would text her and she was always willing to help.

My fifth child is only 3 weeks old. I have struggled with breastfeeding her even though I successfully breastfed my fourth. I don’t want to give up and when I felt like giving up Mona would help me. She had so many resources and helped me latch her correctly.

I can now say I feel more confident to have a success story with breastfeeding my youngest. I enjoy the bonding time I get while breastfeeding. I know this is the best nutrients for my baby and her dirty diapers don’t smell, which is a bonus. Mona is a great support person for new mom’s or returning moms like me.”

Kristina from Saline County, KS WIC