Breastfeeding Success Story: Karen from Heritage Valley Health Systems

Breastfeeding Success Story: Karen from Heritage Valley Health Systems“Andrew was born 2 weeks early. But I was ready!  The first day was such a blur.  I remember thinking I just needed to relax and enjoy every moment, I’d been waiting to be a mom for so long!

The next day the pediatrician came in to tell us he was healthy and she believed Andrew had down syndrome. From that moment on, I questioned everything. What was the right way to do things, what did Andrew need from me with this diagnosis.

The impression I was given was “Andrew is perfect but … He probably won’t breastfeed and he will take longer to do things and he will need lots of support…” All I knew was I couldn’t give up.

We went home only to head back to the hospital after a week because I had retained placenta. Even with that, I had started producing milk. And Andrew was latching and getting some milk. We had an appointment with a wonderful lactation consultant and spent time with my cousin who is a member of La Leche League. A few pointers and explanations… We haven’t looked back.

Andrew is 6 and a half months old. He is exclusively breastfed. He has gone from less than 5% on the growth chart to 50%.  He babbles and laughs all day long. We wouldn’t be here today if I had just given up on breastfeeding.”

Karen from Heritage Valley Health Systems