Breastfeeding Success Story from Harambee Care

Our friends at Harambee Care came up with a marvelous World Breastfeeding Week activity: They asked each of their moms to share a positive statement about their personal breastfeeding experience. We’re thrilled to have received some of them to share with you:

Michelle_Breastfeeding Success Story from Harambee Care

“I made the choice to breastfeed the day I found out I was pregnant. I felt no other maternal desire or choice. I wanted the absolute best for my baby. What better gift than my breast milk? My son is 3 1/2 years old and still nursing strong. While I do think we are past the optimum nutritional benefit, our bond is unique, fortified and amazing thanks to breastfeeding.” -Michelle

Jasmine_Breastfeeding Success Story from Harambee Care

“What I love about breastfeeding the most is the bond that my daughter and I share. When she is hungry or needs to be comforted I have all that she needs plus more. Right now she’s holding my hand while she’s eating and it’s those special type of moments that I look forward to. These are moments that I will forever cherish.” -JasmineKiara_Breastfeeding Success Story from Harambee Care



“I chose to breastfeed because it is the best thing for my babies. It’s the best choice.” -Kiara

Ashley_Breastfeeding Success Story from Harambee Care

“Having three children, all born prematurely, is what motivated me to breastfeed. As a mother, we want the best for our children and I knew right away that breast milk is formulated to provide full nutrition specifically for my baby. It’s not always easy; breastfeeding in public, making certain that medications are safe to take, pumping and storing milk, etc., but with a little research, a great support team and a little planning I can honestly say that I am breastfeeding like a pro! I love the bond I’ve created with my children and they are healthy and getting big so fast!” -Ashley

Miranda_Breastfeeding Success Story from Harambee Care

“I chose to breastfeed because of all the vitamins and antibodies it gives my baby. It’s important to me that I give her every advantage possible.” -Miranda

Brieona_Breastfeeding Success Story from Harambee Care

“I chose to breastfeed my daughter for the bond. I feel part of being a parent is to want to provide the best for your children and breast milk is the best. And not just for her – I lost a lot of weight, my baby is super healthy and, Lord help me, smart! LOL! But I love breastfeeding. I’m actually scared to stop because we are so close and I don’t want to lose that. When I nurse it’s just me and her looking at each other talking and laughing and I’d like to believe she understands me and knows that’s our time together.” -Brieona

Lynette_Breastfeeding Success Story from Harambee Care

“Our bodies were designed to breastfeed. Breastfeeding is good for the baby’s mind, body, soul. I not only knew I wanted to breastfeed because it’s natural, I feel 100% comfortable knowing what I put in is what my baby will receive from me. I also did my research on reasons why breastfeeding is beneficial to mom and baby. Breastfeeding decreases risks for some cancers such as breast and ovarian, decreases risks of osteoporosis, promotion of maternal recovery from childbirth and creation of a supportive environment for mother and child bonding.” -Lynette


“Breastfeeding babies have less allergies.” -Kiyuannia