Breastfeeding Success Story: Candice from Cloud County WIC

Breastfeeding Success Story:  Candice from Cloud County WIC“My name is Candice and this is my breastfeeding story.

I have four boys, my oldest is 9 years and my youngest is 7 months. When I had my first, I struggled with breastfeeding greatly. It was very painful and stressful. I was too scared and I suppose modest to get help from a breastfeeding counselor or the Le Leche League and I regret that so much looking back. I only made it maybe 6 to 8 weeks breastfeeding him.

With my second, while in the hospital, the breastfeeding counselor visited me and brought me a pump because my baby was in NICU and she was going to show me how to use the pump. When I went to put the flange up to my breast she said “oh hey you have inverted nipples” and explained to me what that meant and that I needed to use a nipple shield in order for it to not hurt and be able to nurse correctly. She said pumping after every feeding and as frequently as possible would also help break up the cartilage in my nipple and help pull the nipple out so that I could eventually hopefully quit using the nipple shield. I ended up being able to breastfeed my second baby for about 15 months.

When I had my third baby I started out using the nipple shield. After a couple of months with breastfeeding him, I was able to donate about 2000 ounces of breast-milk to a friend in need. When he was about three months old I came down with mastitis and lost about half my Supply. I worked so hard pumping and feeding trying to get my Supply back and came down with mastitis a couple weeks later in the other breast and lost all that I gained back. I continued to pump and feed as much as I possibly could Around the Clock and when he was 6 months old the doctor labeled him with failure to thrive and we were having to supplement. At that point I lost the rest of my breast milk supply and we were done breastfeeding. I was absolutely devastated. I felt like I was failing my baby.

With my 4th baby, who is currently 7 months old, he has never had a drop of formula. Breastfeeding is going wonderfully. I ended up with mastitis a few months ago in which we powered through very awesome like. I did not lose my Supply at all. He ate and ate and ate off the side with mastitis and we conquered it. When he was about 5 months old I developed Thrush, which is basically yeast infection in your nipple. That was I think more painful than the mastitis ever was for me. It felt like glass shards coming out of my nipples every time I fed him or pumped and it was almost unbearable. I contacted my breastfeeding counselor, who is Amazing by the way, and my doctor and was able to make some homemade cream to put on my nipple and we defeated Thrush. Currently we are at 7 months going strong and hoping to make it to 2 years this time around.”

Candice from Cloud County WIC