Breastfeeding Friendly Halloween Costumes

Breastfeeding Friendly Halloween CostumesWhen you’re a breastfeeding mama who plans to partake in Halloween festivities you may want to consider a costume selection to make nursing as simple as possible this year. We’re sharing breastfeeding friendly Halloween costume ideas to help you and your little one maximize the fun and minimize the fuss on Halloween night.

Layer Up: Wearing a nursing bra under your costume is a must but it’s even better if your costume will accommodate a nursing cami. This nursing solution is a snap and can easily be incorporated into many Halloween costumes. When you’re considering how to dress this Halloween, think about how your nursing cami can work with the costume.

Superhero: We all know moms are superheroes so dressing like one on Halloween makes a lot of sense. Plus, your cape can double as a nursing cover as you feed your baby your superfood breast milk. Dress your baby as a side-kick and the two of you are a dynamic duo saving the world one breastfeed at a time.

Baby Wearing: Keeping your baby close in baby carrier or sling can make nursing super simple when baby is hungry. There are lots of fun breastfeeding friendly Halloween costumes that incorporate your attached baby, such as a kangaroo and joey, spider in a spider web, or a chick hatching from an egg.

Ghost or Goddess: Drapey costumes can help make breastfeeding easier on Halloween. Consider a flowing ghost costume or elegant draped neck goddess gown. These can be pulled down for breastfeeding access for your little pumpkin.

Strapless: Selecting a strapless costume also makes nursing simple, especially on-the-go. With little effort you can fold down your top for feedings. Strapless ideas include a ’20 flapper gall, a mermaid, or a fairy.

Big Costumes: Want privacy for breastfeeding? Make your own nursing space with a big costume such as a box of popcorn, a gumball machine, a trashcan, a lego or a bus. While it may be bulky, you’ll have the ultimate discretion for breastfeeding your baby on the big night.

Keep these breastfeeding friendly Halloween costumes in mind as you’re coming up with a creative idea for you and baby this year!