Breastfeeding Benefits for Mom

Breastfeeding Benefits for MomWe’ve all heard about the amazing nutritional benefits breastfeeding gives to our babies. Breastmilk supplies crucial vitamins and minerals, and is packed with disease-fighting substances that ward off things like the stomach virus, respiratory illnesses, meningitis and it is even linked to higher IQs. But what about the benefits breastfeeding gives to women?

Breastfeeding creates a special emotional connection between women and their infants. Not only are you giving them the best nutrition for life long benefits, you are also giving yourself those benefits as well. Here are just a few things to consider when debating on whether or not you want to breastfeed.

Breastfeeding Benefits for Mom:

  • It makes you happy! While you breastfeed the hormone Oxytocin is produced, which is often known as the “cuddle hormone” because it helps creates a bonding feeling and a better overall emotional health.
  • Your body will recover from childbirth faster! Oxytocin, along with creating happiness, helps shrink your uterus after delivery. The hormone helps the uterus contract lessening bleeding and returning the uterus to pre-pregnancy size quicker.
  • You’re at lower risk of developing certain types of diseases! These diseases include breast and ovarian cancer and cardiovascular disease. The longer and more you breastfeed the less likely it is for you to develop high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Breastfeeding also helps with bone strength and reduces your risk of obtaining osteoporosis.
  • Breastfeeding helps you lose weight! You can burn up to 200-500 calories a day. Studies show women who breastfeed often lose more weight and return to pre-pregnancy size faster than women who don’t.
  • Breastfeeding is a form of natural child spacing! Most woman are unaware of this fact, but while you breastfeed your body will delay its monthly cycle. As long as you stick with a regimented breastfeeding schedule you are more than likely to not see your period. However, this only lasts for about six to eight months due to your changing hormones.
  • Costs less than formula and is good for the environment! What’s great about breastfeeding is it doesn’t cost a thing. Formula can cost up to $10 a day, and while being expensive it’s also not the best for our environment. Breastfeeding is a renewable resource, it doesn’t require to be packaged or shipped, therefore reduces pollution, and it can reduce the cost of healthcare.

Before you decide to choose whether or not breastfeeding is for you speak with your doctor and learn about your options. Breastfeeding gives women an experience they can’t have with anything, or anyone, else. It provides a real and special bond between a mother and her baby. For more information about breastfeeding checkout “Breastfeeding A-Z” on our home page.