Bathing Suit Beauty

Bathing Suit BeautyAs a new mom, it’s such fun to think about your baby splashing about at the pool, lake or ocean during the summer. But the one thing many moms dread for themselves is putting on a bathing suit. Today we’re helping you be a confident bathing suit beauty this summer without extreme dieting or hard core exercise routines.

After pregnancy, your body may look a bit different with some extra padding and skin here and there. If this is your first summer after having a baby, you may be particularly self conscious of your new body. For some, these changes are temporary and for others, having children changes their bodies forever. Regardless of which category you fall into, we’re here to help you feel like a gorgeous bathing suit beauty. Here’s what really matters when you’re rocking your swimsuit this summer:

Choose a Style that Suits

The way you look in your bathing suit may have less to do with you and more to do with your suit. If your body has changed, your suits may need to as well. Rather than having a pity party for your old suits, take the opportunity to purchase a few new ones that work for your new shape. So what if your old two-piece is too tight. Tankinis and one-piece swimsuits can be just as stylish. A halter top with a low V-neck draws attention to your face while skirts and boy shorts may balance your look and smooth out your thighs. Play around with a few styles to figure out what makes you look and feel most confident.

Select Features and Colors that Flatter

Creating optical illusions is one way to feel great about your swimsuit look. Color blocking, side rouching and small prints are playful ways to slim your silhouette. Remember, dark colors like black, brown and navy are also slimming.

Get a Sun-Kiss

Avoid the free radicals that will age your skin but still achieve the appearance of tanned skin with self-tanning lotions or a professional spray tan. Darker skin hides more imperfections and may give you that boost you need to feel like a bathing suit beauty. Also, using a light natural oil on your skin before heading to the water can give you a shimmery, glowing look.

Glam it Up

Treat swim time like other fashion opportunities and make your best effort to look put together. A mani and pedi are certainly in order before heading to the pool, lake or beach. When it’s appropriate, put on some wedge sandals for added height and sophistication. Wear fun earrings and perhaps a cute sun hat too to show off your great sense of style. You may not need a full face of makeup but tinted SPF face lotion, waterproof mascara and some lip gloss will solidify your super sleek swimwear outfit.

Hold the Salt

Eating too much salt makes your retain water and can cause bloating. Stick with natural, whole foods and drink lots of water to flush your body. This will prevent the bulk of bloating and make your skin look radiant.

Tone and Stretch in the A.M.

Just 20 minutes of stretching and strength-building can tighten your appearance before swimwear time. Try to hit each major muscle group – arms, chest, abs, back, glutes, quads and calves. You’ll be surprised what a difference it will make.

Get an Up Do

Pull your hair into a pony tail, bun or messy twist to elongate your neck. It can also add height, which makes you look taller and thinner. Who doesn’t want that?


As always, so much about the way you look is the confidence you exude. Your new body shape may be one of many sacrifices you’ll make for your kids over the years. Learning to embrace your body is essential to your self-confidence that will in turn make you look like the bathing suit beauty you are. Choose to have fun and enjoy your time in the sun with your kids. The smile you’ll be wearing is the best summer fashion trend ever.

Be the bathing suit beauty you want to be with these tips for looking like a hot mama this summer!

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