Babywearing vs. Stroller

Taking your baby out and about is always an exciting adventure for your little one. And how she views the world may be subject to where she’s positioned in it. Both babywearing and using a stroller have their advantages but may change your baby’s perspective on the experience.

Here are things to consider when deciding about babywearing vs. stroller:

Age of your Baby

Younger babies love to be snuggled up close to their mothers so babywearing may serve you well here. Newborn carriers can create a swaddle-like cocoon for your tiny love and make her super comfortable feeling your warmth, hearing your heartbeat and smelling your scent. Plus, breastfeeding is a cinch from the Babywearing vs. Strollerbabywearing position and you can protect your baby from the multitude of germs that may fly her way.

Older babies may still love to be close to you in a carrier but could also enjoy the strolling experience. As your baby becomes larger, babywearing may be more taxing on your body and a mixed-use outing is a great plan.


Cuddling close to mom is so delicious when the weather is cooler. On warm days, you and your baby may prefer a more breezy experience in the stroller. Do be sure your stroller has a visor or fashion an umbrella on top to protect your baby from the sun. If you’re using a stroller in cold or rainy weather, cover it with a water-proof or wind-reducing layer.

Type of Activity

Babywearing is fantastic in that it gives you two hands free to do many things you might need to do such as push a shopping cart or hold on to your dog’s leash. However, if you’re doing anything that may make you tip over, don’t take the risk of wearing your baby. A spill with your baby attached can be very dangerous as your weight may crush your little one. It’s tempting to wear your baby on terrain where strollers are not ideal but be cautious about your risk of tripping or falling.

Babywearing vs. StrollerTemperament of your Baby

All babies are different, from their preferences to their need for proximity. Some babies may prefer the openness of sitting independently in a stroller, eating a snack from the stroller’s tray and being able to stretch and move in many directions. Other babies may prefer the security of being close to mom while observing the world. Once your baby is old enough you can turn her around to face outward or carry her on your back so she has a better view.

Sleep and Transfer

Some babies can sleep anywhere with ease while others are rather particular. Sleeping on mom’s chest while in a carrier is a wonderful experience for both of you. Your warmth and the rhythm of your movement may rock your baby to sleep. But if you need to put your baby down, she may wake up. Strollers allow your baby to stay sleeping in one spot for longer, especially strollers that are compatible with car seat carriers, but the sleep position may not be as comfortable.

When deciding between babywearing vs. stroller, keep all of these considerations in mind for your adventures outside your home.