Baby’s First Birthday: Happy Birthday Taylor!

Danah and Taylor_Taylor Turns 1If you’re like me, many emotions surface as your baby’s first birthday approaches.

While you are working on the party plans, invitations and picking the right outfit (for yourself and baby!) for baby’s first birthday, you are still also working on perfecting parenthood too.  You wonder where the year has gone and start questioning yourself.  Did I take enough pictures?  Have we been involved in enough activities at each monumental stage of development?  Am I doing all that I can to make her life great?

Then you stop and look at your one-year-old and realize that she is as perfect as perfect can be.  You know she feels your love when her eyes brighten and you see her beaming smile as you walk into a room.  In addition to providing her basic human needs of nutrients (which you’ve provided in the best possible way through breast milk), clothing and shelter, love is the most important element we can fulfill for our children.  Love makes a difference in their first year of life, and well beyond.  The bond you’ve developed with your child will last forever, and the love she’s learning from you will spill over into every aspect of her future.

I’ve learned to cherish the “loving moments” in each and every day with Taylor.  I hope you are doing the same with your little ones as well.