Baby Proofing: A Balance of Safety and Freedom

Danah Bordner and Family

LPGA Professional Golfer Danah Bordner with her husband Steve and daughter Taylor

Baby proofing is a necessary precaution, but in my home it is also important to us not to prevent Taylor’s natural curiosity. We want to make her feel that she belongs in our home just as much as we do.  Taylor started pulling up early:  At six month she was pulling up with assistance and at nine months she was pulling up on anything she could reach.  While she is loving the freedom, we are concerned about her safety around the house.

We knew baby proofing was important for protecting Taylor (and our house!) but we also wanted our home to look like adults live in it, too.  Here are some helpful tips we discovered to balance Taylor’s safety and freedom:



Be sure to cover outlets.  The clear ones are barely noticeable.  Also remember to use power cord covers because it is far to easy for babies to pull plugs out from power strips.  The power cord covers fit under sofas and beds to stay hidden from view.


Lay a dense blanket over the hearth and place pillows on each corner.  This is a cozy way to prevent your house from looking like a jungle gym with foam padding.

Family Room

Allow babies to have their own space for toys in your family room.  After all, isn’t that the room where the family should enjoy spending time together?  Taylor has learned what space is hers and tends to leave our decorative items and furniture alone.  We use a cute basket that matches our décor.


Definitely lock kitchen cabinets and drawers that contain breakables and sharp objects, but do leave a few unlocked for your baby to play.  Fill it with Tupperware, pots, spoons and empty food containers so baby can pretend to cook along side you and develop a playful imagination.

It can be challenging to get your baby to understand boundaries but remain calm and patient.  Your baby will follow your lead, for better or for worse.

I hope your baby proofing goes smoothly!

Danah Bordner
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