Baby Names: Tips on How to Pick the Best One for You and Your Child

Decisions, decisions!  Selecting baby names is just one of the exciting choices new parents get to make.  Everyone has an opinion but the final choice is yours.

We’ve compiled some guidelines for picking perfect baby names worthy of your perfect baby:

Love the Name

Your child will live with this name forever.  Be passionate about the name you choose.  Be true to your own style and don’t fall prey to trends that are not who you are at the core.  That goes for the spelling of the name as well.  If you’re whimsical and creative, go for an unusual spelling.  If you are traditional, stick to the basics.  Make sure you like the sound of the name.  Practice introducing your child to make sure it flows and works for someone from infancy through adulthood.  Lastly, consider the initials as much as the name itself.

Find Meaning

Throughout the ages, people have selected baby names with great meaning to encourage their children to live up to these attributes.  Do your research – not only in your own culture, but in others as well – to ensure you value the meaning of the name.  Also consider family names as a way to honor people you admire or pass down names through the generations.  If your tradition is to pass down a name but you also want to be more creative, select a unique middle name or initiate a nickname.

mom & babyRespect Your Partner

Both you and your partner should have equal say in the name.  You will each have your own thoughts and opinions so listen to each other and compromise.  Keep a list and revisit it often.  Often partners have had a different experience with a name, either from knowing someone by that name or perhaps a celebrity by the name immediately comes to mind.  These pre-conceived feelings usually don’t change.

Take Your Time

You have around 9 months to determine your baby’s name.  You may want to wait to meet the baby before deciding what your little one will be called.  That is perfectly fine!  Sometimes it takes looking into your baby’s eyes to know exactly who they are.