Avoiding the Flu While Pregnant: Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Have you been trying your hardest to avoid the flu this winter? Pregnancy inherently brings stomach upset and nausea in most women, but the flu is especially draining for a pregnant woman. Your access to medication is restricted by pregnancy, and carrying your baby decreases your overall immunity. Want a few tips for staying healthy while pregnant? We’ve compiled a few healthy, easy-to-follow reminders that will keep you out of the flu’s way.

Keep your hands clean

Avoiding the Flu While Pregnant: Tips for a Healthy PregnancyWash your hands frequently with warm water and lots of soap. If you can’t wash your hands conveniently while you’re out, keep an antibacterial sanitizer in your purse. Because of the cold temperatures, your hands might feel drier than usual. Invest in a simple, fragrance-free moisturizer that you can apply throughout the day or as needed. Hand washing seems like such an easy task, but think about how often you touch your face, eyes, or nose throughout the day (especially if you have a sniffly nose!). Washing your hands will keep infections at bay.

Stay hydrated

During winter, the air is drier. You may feel thirstier throughout the day or like your skin is cracking without much exposure to the cold weather. You might even use a humidifier at night to combat coughing. Because you’re carrying a baby, you’re going to need to watch your hydration even more carefully. Keep a water bottle with you at all times and refill as needed. Skip soda and stick to liquids without added sugar or carbonation. Your overall health will improve if you’re well-hydrated and you are less likely to feel worn down and prone to a virus like the flu.

Pack your meals with nutrients

Citrus, veggies, whole grains—these food groups will help you stay alert and healthy through winter. There’s no miracle food for flu prevention, but sticking to a healthy, balanced diet is one easy way to avoid feeling sick. Keep in mind that your baby’s nutrition solely depends on your own, so stay motivated to eat healthy by remembering that you’re keeping your baby healthy too. If you’re preparing food, keep the counters, sink, and stove top consistently clean to avoid additional germs. Wash hands frequently while cooking.

Stay healthy, moms-to-be!



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