Are You Experiencing Early Signs of Pregnancy? Learn When to Take a Pregnancy Test

Are You Experiencing Early Signs of Pregnancy? Learn When to Take a Pregnancy Test

Sure, a missed period or two is a strong indication that a pregnancy test is in order, but what about other pregnancy signs you might be missing? If you’re trying to conceive, pay attention to these body cues, because they’re common signs of early pregnancy.

Sore breasts are one of the biggest indicators of pregnancy. Your middle section is not the only area of your body that undergoes drastic changes during pregnancy (hello, baby bump!); your breasts will feel tender and swell during your first weeks. As your pregnancy progresses, you can expect your breasts to grow at least two sizes by delivery. Hormones surge into your breast tissue and prompt growth in preparation for breastfeeding, so make sure you’re wearing comfy bras with room to grow into (like Loving Moments nursing bras!).

Another early pregnancy sign is feeling like you have a perpetual case of the Mondays—extreme, hard-to-shake fatigue. Your first trimester will be the most exhausting one of your pregnancy, so don’t be alarmed if your urge for an afternoon nap turns into a quick snooze on your desk. Make sure to rest as much as possible and keep a good bedtime schedule to combat sleepiness. You can expect to feel a surge of energy return during your second trimester, but don’t cut corners on sleep if you can help it, because once your little one arrives, your opportunity to nap will be replaced with caring for your infant 24/7.

Morning sickness is a true misnomer; this early pregnancy sign should have been named “feeling nauseous at anytime” sickness. It’s true that many pregnant women report feeling ill in the morning, but morning sickness can sneak up anytime, day or night. Feeling consistently ill when you’re not exhibiting signs of the flu is a definite pregnancy sign. Calm your stomach as best you can with saltines, ginger ale, and other mild foods. If you continue to experience morning sickness past your first trimester, touch base with your doctor to make sure that you’re gaining enough weight for your pregnancy.

Are you currently experiencing any of these pregnancy symptoms? If you are feeling more sore, tired, or queasy than usual, consider your cycle and head to your local pharmacy to get some answers.