Amazingly Cool Breastfeeding Facts

As you’re learning more and more about breastfeeding, there are some basic facts you’ll probably hear over and over again: Breast milk is the best nutrition for your baby.  Breast milk creates healthier, smarter, more emotionally stable children.  Breastfeeding is beneficial for moms too.

All of these wonderful benefits of breastfeeding are true!  But that’s not the whole amazing story on breast milk.  So today we’re sharing some lesser known very cool facts about breastfeeding.

Get this for a happy meal:  Breast milk is constantly adapting to the nutritional needs of a baby.  Milk for a two month old will be different than what mom will produce when baby is 10 months old.

Mom_nursingBabies were born to breastfeed:  At birth, a baby can immediately rely on her senses to achieve her basic needs.  Babies are acutely aware of the unique scent of their own mother’s milk, which is why they will turn into the breast when they are hungry.  Also, babies are born nearsighted and can only see from the exact distance between a mother’s face and her own while breastfeeding.

And moms were born to feed:  Every woman’s breast, no matter what the size, is able to produce enough milk for her baby.

Let it go, Let it go:  The average let-down comes after 56 seconds of breastfeeding, and two-thirds of moms feel their let-downs.  Babies inherently know to suckle fast at the beginning of a feed to stimulate milk, and then they slow to a deep suck once the let-down occurs.

Here’s a big bonus:  Breastfeeding can save families up to $4,000 a year.

Big smiles:  Breast milk has bacteria-fighting properties that help the health of babies developing teeth and gums.  Breastfeeding may also reduce the need for braces later in life.  The suckle action of breastfeeding encourages proper formation of the jaw, palette and teeth.  The longer a baby is breastfed, the more benefit she’ll reap.

It’s hard work, but somebody’s gotta do it:  Producing breast milk takes about 25% of a mom’s body energy.  In comparison, the brain only consumes 20%.

Watch the pounds melt away:  Supplying one baby with breast milk requires around 1,000 extra calories a day.  It’s recommended for mothers to consume an extra 500 calories to keep up with the demand on her body.  But the other 500 can go towards dropping those pregnancy pounds.

Reach for a helping hand:  Almost 75% of women seek help with breastfeeding.  That’s why there is an entire profession dedicated to it.  It’s not shameful to get help when breastfeeding becomes challenging, it’s smart.

Good eater, coming up:  Breastfeeding may make your baby’s pallet more amenable to a variety of foods.  The taste of breast milk is constantly changing based on foods that the mother has consumed.  This expands her taste buds before she even takes her first spoonful of solid food.

Motherly thermostat:  A mother’s breast can detect even the slightest temperature change in her baby and mom’s body will adjust accordingly to cool or warm the baby during skin-to-skin contact.

Breastfeeding to reduce breast cancer:  It’s well-known that breastfeeding has benefits for moms including reducing her risk of breast and ovarian cancer.  Breastfeeding also reduces a baby girl’s risk of getting breast cancer by 25%.

Holy Mama:  Breast milk comes from many small holes around the nipple, not just the one in the center.

Are you a righty or a lefty:  Three-fourths of mothers are able to express more milk from their right breast than their left, regardless of their predominant hand.

Pretty cool, huh?  Enjoy this marvelous time in your life and embrace the amazingly cool natural wonders of breastfeeding!