Alternatives to a Baby Book

A traditional baby book is a fabulous account of your baby’s life but can be quite time-consuming. If you’re like most modern moms, you’re looking for a meaningful way to save the memories without interrupting your time to make new ones. That’s why we’re sharing alternatives to a baby book that help you keep track of your little one as she grows.

Take a look at these alternatives to a baby book:

Memory Box

Set aside memorabilia, growth charts from your baby’s doctor’s visits, report cards, special clothing and other items in a memory box. You can even jot down notes and stick them inside to remind you of certain special moments.

Alternatives to a Baby BookPhoto Apps

There are many apps that will aggregate your photos from your smart phone and social media accounts and curate them into an online album. Some will print the album for free or for a small fee.

Memory Quilt

Take scraps of favorite outfits, blankets and stuffed toys and stitch them into a quilt. If you’re not a sewer, you can send off your patches to a professional and then mail you back a beautiful memory quilt for your baby.

Create a Website

This may sound like it would take more time than a baby book, but once you have the initial setup figured out, it’s really quite simple to add updates. Plus, you can send it to friends and family so you can share photos, videos and stories in real time. Then you have your baby’s childhood recorded online for posterity.


Make a photo calendar for each year of your child’s life. Add funny quotes throughout. Once it is printed, go back and add in special dates on the calendar such as first words, first steps and first teeth.

Journal App

Keep a log of moments you want to remember such as first words, funny things your child says or does and observations. You and your little one will love looking back at it together one day.

Time Capsule

Create a time capsule for each year of your baby’s life. After the year is over, seal it up and start a new one. This way you’ll collect memories and be able to sort through them per year when your baby is older.

Letters to Your Baby

Write a letter to your baby each month or on special occasions and keep them for your little love to read when she is older. Your letters can include milestones and things the two of you are doing together at that time.

Fill-in-the-Blank Baby Book

Keep it super simple and buy a fill-in-the-blank baby book that will give you spots to record all sorts of important data so you don’t have to otherwise remember what to write.

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