A New Mom’s Mother’s Day Wish List

A New Mom’s Mother’s Day Wish List

Whether you are trying to create your own Mother’s Day wish list or you are looking for the perfect thing to give the new mom in your life, we’ve got 8 fantastic ways to celebrate a new mom on Mother’s Day.

She’s been through a lot these past few months between wrapping up her pregnancy, giving birth and sustaining the precious life of a baby and the entire family.  She deserves a special day full of things she loves.  Creating a wonderful Mother’s Day is really about love and doesn’t need to be expensive or extravagant.  In fact, some of the best gifts are free.  Most moms are much more impressed with thoughtfulness, creativity and individuality than throwing tons of money into a frivolous present.

Consider these warm and caring gifts for any new mom’s Mother’s Day wish list this year:

Make her favorite meal.  If the mom in your household does most of the cooking, she’ll be grateful to spend a day out of the kitchen.  And she may get a kick out of seeing you in the kitchenon her behalf.  Think about her favorite things to eat and whip up something scrumptious for her Mother’s Day meal.  If you are simply hopeless in the kitchen, at least make the effort to buy her favorite dish to serve on her special day.

Complete one thing on her to-do list.  Moms love to check things off their to-do list.  How about checking one off for her?  Without saying a word, do a load of laundry, pluck the weeds or organize the pantry.  She will be thrilled and you will feel accomplished too, a double win.

Pamper her like she pampers everyone else.  Just like she diapers, bathes, feeds, kisses and showers everyone in your family with love and affection, give her the same luxurious experience on her own level.  Yes, we’re talkin’ about the spa!  A whole day of treatments isn’t necessary, but one massage, mani/pedi or facial would be a great way to pamper mom like she pampers your family.

Deliver joy all year long.  Getting a package of goodies every month is something a new mom can look forward to.  Purchase a monthly “club” that delivers something indulgent every month.  There are tons of options for monthly deliveries ranging from fruit of the month, snacks and wine, to flowers, teas and t-shirts.  Find something she’ll enjoy so she can open a box of happiness every month.

A New Mom’s Mother’s Day Wish ListMake her feel sexy.  New moms often feel less than desirable after having a baby and spending her time taking care of one.  Between baby weight, showerless days and smelling like spit-up, she may not feel sexy and in the mood.  If you’re hoping to spice things up in the bedroom, buy the new mom in your life a sassy nursing bra and let her know how beautiful she is wearing it.

Organize and frame baby pictures.  New parents are constantly snapping photos of their adorable bundles of joy.  But what to do with all the pics?  Help mom organize them into month-by-month files and print and frame a few of the best ones.

Let her sleep.  Take the baby off her hands for a feeding or two so she can sleep-in or simply take a nap.  If she’s breastfeeding, bring her the baby at the appropriate time or give a bottle of breast milk if that suits your family.  Letting mom catch some zzz’s is priceless in the first few months.

Make it personal.  Most moms, and women in general, really want to know you care.  More than expensive jewelry, doing or buying something small and thoughtful goes a long way.  Perhaps it’s a locket with your new family portrait.  Maybe it’s downloading a playlist of her favorite songs onto her ipod.  You could give her personalized matching pillows for the family.  Anything that holds meaning to your new growing family will be a wonderful gesture of love.

Spend time together.  Being together as a family is a terrific Mother’s Day present.  Plan a fun activity that everyone will enjoy.  It can be as simple as an outing to a park or visiting a garden or museum.  Whatever your family likes to do together makes a happy Mother’s Day for all.

We hope you’ve been inspired with some good ideas from our new mom’s Mother’s Day wish list.  Happy Mother’s Day!