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Halloween Decorations

Halloween Decorations

Tomorrow is Halloween and the festivities are sure to be nothing short of spooktacular! The neighborhood kids will be running about, the eerie fog machines will be hazing the street, and the old sidewalk will be littered with new and delicious candy!

But what about your yard?

The kids’ costumes may be ready and a few bags of candy may be spilled into the bowl, yes, but without a few spooky decorations your house will look like a boring black shadow compared to the rest.

Don’t worry! Luckily there are a few quick and easy Halloween decorations that will bewitch the crowds and light up the night!


Halloween Decoration Ideas


The Hanging Lights

Eerie and bright, these cheap and easy decorations will sure to cause pause to every trick-or-treater that rings your doorbell!


You will need:


Water Balloons


Stockings (Nylons)



Simply fill each water balloon with a few 9pre-cracked and glowing) glowsticks and water and tie the end tight! Slip each balloon into a stocking and hang from any tree branches in your yard! Cheap, quick, and easy, the Hanging Lights are always a crowd pleaser!



The Glowing Eyes

Creepy critters are all through the night on Halloween! Frightfully fun, these DIY glowing eyes will add an unnerving edge to your Halloween decorations!


You will need:


Toilet Paper Rolls






Using either a stencil or your own creativity, draw cut-out eyes on one side of your numerous toilet paper rolls. Cut out the eyes and discard. Next, crack each glow stick until it is glowing bright! Tape each glowstick inside the various rolls. And that’s it! Stick them in your bushes and watch your trick-or-treaters scream with delight!



The Bright Little Pumpkin

Cute, bright, and smiling, these glowing pumpkin cups are a must have for any Halloween yard! Line them up down your driveway to lighten each trick-or-treaters way!


You will need:

Orang plastic cups

Black permanent marker

Battery operated tea lights



Perhaps the easiest of all Halloween decorations, simply draw a pumpkin face on each cup with the permanent marker, turn on tea lights, and stick underneath! Caution: do not use real candles or cups will melt.


We’re sure you can’t wait to get started! With such quick and easy décor options, your house will be glowing with personality tomorrow night!


Teething Symptoms

So your little one has started teething?

Teething SymptomsCongratulations! This is an exciting milestone in their young life so make sure you take as many adorable pictures as you can!

Despite the utter cuteness of teeth buds sprouting through, many parents worry about the uncomfortable symptoms their child may be experiencing. Some even believe teething causes physical illnesses such as fever and diarrhea, although this hasn’t been proven. If your child is ill, make sure you take them to their pediatrician immediately.


There are a few traditional symptoms you can expect to see when your child begins teething.


These include:

  • Biting
  • Drooling
  • Irritability
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Declining food
  • Swelling, sensitive gums


To help with these irritating symptoms, parents can give their child something safe to chew on, such as a teething ring of even a cold washcloth. If your child seems to be in harmful discomfort, take them to their pediatrician and discuss further options.


Remember to set up regular appointments with your children’s doctor and discuss any questions you may have. Every child is unique and specific recommendations and steps may be recommended for their safety and health.

Maternity Halloween Costume Ideas

Maternity Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is just a few days away and for expectant moms, you may feel a bit restricted by the little monster, ghost or pumpkin in your belly.  But don’t let your bump trip you up.  In fact, let your belly be a fun part of your costume.  You can still dress in your personal Halloween style, whether that’s sarcastic and ironic, or simple and creative.

We have a ton of easy maternity Halloween ideas that will bring a smile to everyone’s face and keep you in the Halloween spirit.

Maternity Bra:  We love this clever maternity bra costume, but then again, we are partial to bras.  It may look complicated, but with the fabric of your choice, scissors, fabric glue and Velcro, you can easily design and produce your very own maternity bra.  Grab your partner and stuff his belly to match yours.  Then, let your bumps fill the cups.  We guarantee lots of laughs on Halloween night.

Snowman:  When coming up with a maternity Halloween costume, consider options that are naturally round.  A snowman or snow-woman in this case, fits the bill perfectly.  Between your naturally round head, growing breasts and your plump belly, you’ve got the three parts of this costume without much effort.  Wear all white, paint your face (complete with a carrot nose, of course) and fasten some buttons.  Don’t forget the scarf and top hat too!


Bun in the Oven:  From figuratively to literally, this costume is a hilarious way to make a maternity statement.  Bun in the Oven costumes can be purchased or you can make one yourself from a cardboard box.  Just make sure you can get it on and off easily for those non-stop bathroom breaks.

Road Signs:  Sometimes road signs say it best.  We love these two simple yet truthful road sign costume ideas.  For “dangerous curves ahead,” cut the shape out of yellow cardboard.  Then use black marker or adhesive letters for the words and sign outline.  If you’re a bit more adventurous, go for the painted belly “bump” sign.  Just as a road sign should, we bet you’ll attract a lot of attention.

Painted Belly:  Speaking of painted bellies, we have a few more cute maternity Halloween ideas for you to adorn your bump.  The sky’s the limit when having your belly painted but some of our favorites are these two: A pumpkin on the outside covering your pumpkin on the inside is sweet and festive, or pay tribute to your favorite sport or team by dressing your bump as a ball.  Be sure to use non-toxic paint so no unsafe chemicals are absorbed into your skin and you do not inhale any harmful fumes.

Maternity Halloween T-shirt:  If you’re just not in the mood for a full-out maternity Halloween costume, go for a festive t-shirt instead.  You can purchase these online (rush order to get them by Friday!) or you can easily make these yourself using markers, stickers, felt or other fabric cutouts.


Happy Halloween, Moms-to-Be!

When do Babies Start Teething?


When do Babies Start Teething?Have you been wondering when your little one’s teeth will start to show?

It is not well known that tooth buds actually begin developing in the womb, although your child’s teeth won’t begin to sprout through the gums until some months after birth. Generally (but not in every case) the bottom two middle teeth will be the first to break through, followed by the top two middle teeth.


Children that develop early may see the emergence of their first tooth around 3 months, but most will begin teething from month 4 to month 7. By their third birthday they should have all twenty baby teeth! Don’t panic if they don’t come in straight – they will eventually be replaced by their permanent teeth, around age six.


The sprouting of your baby’s first tooth is an exciting and memorable time so make sure you take all kinds of adorable pictures and mark the date to look back with them and smile (with all of their permanent teeth!)

Breast Milk Storage

If you have decided to use a breast pump to ensure your child a nutritious feeding when you’re apart, you have probably begun wondering how to properly and safely store your breast milk. Your breast milk is the best source of nutrition for your baby and it’s full of components to help strengthen their health.

Make sure to protect its nutrients by using the appropriate containers and storing practices.


Breast Milk StorageWhat is the best type of breast milk storage?

Remember to efficiently wash your hands before pumping or handling breast milk. Once your hands are clean and dry, store breast milk in a clean glass or plastic container with a secure lid or cap. While there are specifically made breast milk storage bags, we would recommend against them if possible as they leak, spill, and are easily polluted.

DO NOT store any expressed milk in disposable bottles or bags such as plastic water bottle containers or zip-lock baggies.


How should I label and store my containers?

It is essential to label all breast milk storage with the date it was pumped and stored with a water-resistant ink and label. Place the container(s) in the back of the refrigerator or freezer and make sure not to store them on the door.

Never fill your containers to the brim: breast milk expands during cooling and freezing.


How long will my stored breast milk stay good?

Different storing methods, containers, and cooling systems will make exact storing times vary. However, there are a few general recommendations that can be put to use for healthy babies:


Using a refrigerator: Breast milk can be safely stored in the back of your refrigerator for 5-8 days.

Using a freezer: Breast milk can be safely stored in the back of your traditional refrigerator-freezer for up to 3-6 months.

Keeping at room temperature: Recently pumped breast milk can remain at room temperature for up to 6 hours. However, if the room is particularly warm the milk should be transferred to a refrigerator or freezer.


Is it safe to add fresh milk to previously stored breast milk?

Yes, although the freshly expressed milk should be cooled before adding: adding warm breast milk to cold will potentially thaw the already frozen or chilled milk.

Do NOT combine milk that is expressed from different days; store these separately.


Whatever option you choose, make sure to set up a meeting with your doctor prior to storing your breast milk. Specific steps and recommendations may be made that would be best for you as a mother.

Breastfeeding Onwards: Working Through Plugged Ducts, Mastitis and Thrush

Even the healthiest of people get colds, rashes, aches and pains sometimes.  The same is true of healthy breastfeeding:  It’s an amazing gift for you and your baby, but sometimes there are a few technical blips in the road.  Luckily most breastfeeding health challenges can be resolved with a bit of effort and perseverance.  That includes some common breast conditions and infections, including plugged ducts, mastitis and thrush.

Plugged Ducts occur when pressure builds in a milk duct that has not fully drained.  This is very common and most women who breastfeed experience at least one plugged duct.  Usually it only occurs in one breast at a time and does not cause a fever or illness.  It does, however, cause inflammation and irritation around the plugged duct, which is the body’s way of naturally trying to correct the issue.

Mastitis is a breast infection that causes flu-like symptoms.  It’s often coupled with a lump in the breast, breasts that are warm to the touch and pinkish in color.  On occasion, a yellowish discharge may come from the infected breast.  Usually it only occurs in one breast at a time and may be triggered by family members with a cold or flu.  Unlike plugged ducts, mastitis may require medication to clear up.  Discuss options with your doctor as some antibiotics are unsafe to pass to babies through breast milk or may cause gassiness and dehydration.

Breastfeeding Onwards:  Working Through Plugged Ducts, Mastitis and ThrushWhat to do about plugged ducts and mastitis?

While the area may be sore, breastfeed on!  The best way to clear a plugged milk duct and mastitis is to breastfeed as often as every two hours to encourage milk to pass and unclog the duct.  Massage the area in a circular motion and apply warm compresses to encourage milk flow.  Be sure to wear a nursing bra that does not constrict your breasts, such as our crossover leisure sleep bra or any of our nursing bralette styles.  As you’re working through your plugged duct or mastitis, take it easy.  These conditions can occur when moms are not getting enough sleep and feel stressed, run-down or overloaded.

Thrush is a fungal or yeast infection that presents on the nipple and breasts.  Breast milk can cause an unhealthy balance of bacteria and result in this infection.  Women with thrush are often plagued with cracked or blistered nipples that are itchy and flakey, or feel deep, shooting pains in the breast.  Thrush may actually start in your baby’s mouth and be passed to you, or vice versa.  When a baby has thrush, you may notice white spots in his mouth, including on the tongue, cheeks and gums.  Babies may also be gassy or cranky and get a diaper rash that is resistant to normal diaper creams.  Thrush can be caused by antibiotics that you may be taking, and in general, some women are just more susceptible to yeast than others.

What to do about thrush?

If you think you or your baby has thrush, you’ll definitely want to see your physician and pediatrician.  Thrush can continue to volley back-and-forth between mom and baby so it should be addressed immediately.  Your doctor may prescribe a topical anti-fungal for both you and baby, and you can probably take an over-the-counter pain reliever as well.  You may want to add some friendly bacteria to your diet, like that found in yogurt.  Ask your doctor and pediatrician if it is safe to continue breastfeeding.  If it is too painful, pump until you can resume feedings more comfortably.

To prevent thrush from spreading, wear washable nursing pads and change them several times a day.  Also change your nursing bra daily, if not more often.  Wash everything that comes in contact with your breasts or your baby’s mouth.  Towels and clothes should be washed in very hot water and breast pump parts, pacifiers, toys and any bottle nipples you may use should be boiled in hot water daily.  Also, wash your hands and your baby’s hands often, especially if he’s a finger or thumb sucker.

Plugged ducts, mastitis and thrush are common challenges but should not dictate an end to breastfeeding.  Seek help if you are having trouble overcoming these issues.  Usually you can get back on track in less than week and you and your baby can be a happy breastfeeding team again.

Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Party Ideas Does your child have an October birthday? With ghostly ghouls and creepy crawlies, a traditional Halloween party can be frightening for certain kids, especially with games that include a haunted basement or a backyard zombie hunt.

Instead of focusing on a spooky Halloween theme, plan a kid-friendly party! With fun, easy participation games and delicious treats, your guests will leave with smiles and goody bags instead of wide eyes and Halloween frights!

Halloween Party Games

Costume Contest

Encourage guests to let their imaginations shine in their costumes with the promise of a contest and plenty of exciting prizes! Wait till the end of the evening to line up the kids and give out prizes. But, instead of focusing on a first, second, and third place, plan ahead and create a prize for each child such as: funniest costume, prettiest costume, more creative costume, etc. Let everyone go home with a fun prize, whether they include goody bags with their title inside or little trophies you can purchase online!

Mummy Wrap

Have each child partner up with another and allow them to choose who gets to be the mummy! The other will be given a roll of toilet paper to wrap their partner in; have everyone line up and see who can use up all of their toilet paper first! This can be a dizzying game so make sure to stand by and keep watch!

Bobbing for Apples

This October classic is a necessity for any Halloween party, whether it be planned for kids or adults! Fill up a few tubs full of water and apples and time your guests for two minutes! See how many apples they can pull out with their teeth! Make sure to keep towels at the ready: you’ll need them!

**With extra time, consider letting each child pick out one of the apples they pulled to create a caramel apple treat!

Halloween Crafts & Treats

Caramel Apple Craft

Have each child choose one of the apples they bobbed for earlier in the day to create a treat all their own!


Granny Smith Apples

Wooden apple sticks (can be found at most craft stores)


Toppings, such as M&M’s, Sprinkles and Reese’s Pieces

Wax paper

Cookie Sheet


Wash each child’s apple before allowing them to decorate! Microwave the caramel in a large, microwave-safe bowl in short intervals (stirring in between) until it is melted and soft. While the caramel is melting, assist your guests with inserting the wooden sticks into their apples. Next, allow each child to dip their apple in the caramel until it is well-coated and then encourage them to press as many toppings on as they can fit! The caramel will harden quickly so once the toppings are on, place each apple on a parchment lined baking sheet to harden. (Always check with parents about food allergies before creating a caramel apple station.)

Paper Plate Spiders

Do you have an ever growing pile of paper plates? Consider using them for a fun Halloween craft that the kids can take and hang at home!


Children’s activity paint

2 paper plates per child (preferably small sized)

Pipe cleaners to match the colors of paint (4 per child)

Different sizes of googly eyes

Elmer’s glue

Hole Punch

Children’s scissors

String, yarn or ribbon


Paint brushes


Have the kids paint the bottoms of their two paper plates completely and allow them time to dry. Once dry, have them safely cut their pipe cleaners in half to make eight. (Make sure to always supervise while using scissors.) Next, have them bend down all of their pipe cleaners to create spidery legs! Help to staple each pipe cleaner half to the inside of their paper plate, 4 on each side. Then staple the plates together on the top and bottom to hold the spider body together. From there, have each child glue googly eyes all over the front, as many as they like! If you’re looking to include some interactive learning, explain that most spiders have eight eyes and eight legs. Finally, punch a hole at the top and attach about a 12 inch string for them to hang up at home!

Goody Bags:

What’s a Halloween party without candy? Make sure to end the festivities by sending all of your guests home with goody bags full of sweets and treats!

What you’ll need:

Any candy you like!

Directions: Whether you would like to purchase premade goody bags or create your own, make sure to write each child’s name on their specific bag. Always check with parents about food allergies and stock each goody bag accordingly.

Don’t scare your guests away with spooky games and creepy treats! Plan ahead and entertain your young guests with the kid-friendly games and crafts you know they’ll love!


Halloween Treats

Halloween Treats

With Halloween just a few spooky weeks away, the themed parties and family get-togethers are sure to be closing in fast! You have the theme, the decorations, even the costumes. But what about the snacks? Instead of throwing a batch of cookies in the oven, show some imagination and create something truly spooktacular!

We’ve found four quick and easy party treat recipes that will leave your guests screaming – for more!


1. Witches’ Brooms

Trick or treat? Both! While this treat is frightfully quick to make, it’ll go fast, leaving everyone asking for more! And the trick: it’ll only take you a few seconds to make another batch!



Pretzel Sticks

Mini Reese’s Cups



Perhaps the easiest Halloween recipe you can make, Witches’ Brooms only require two ingredients! Simply flip over the Reese’s Cups and stick the pretzel sticks into their bottom – and voilà! You’ve got a number of delicious treats in a matter of seconds!



2. Graveyard Pudding Cups

Whip up this spooky snack when you’re looking to make a truly adorable, quick, and sweet treat! With milky chocolate and a friendly ghost, it’s perfect for a kid’s party!



Oreo Cookies

Chocolate Pudding Cups

Ghost Peeps

Pumpkin shaped candy



Place the Oreos in a zip lock bag and, pressing out the air, seal it tightly. Using a rolling pin, finely smash Oreos. Next, open up the pudding cups and sprinkle an even amount of the crushed Oreos on top. Place a Peep ghost and candy pumpkin in each cup to top it off.



3. Oreo Eyeballs

If you’re trying to be extra clever this Halloween, create some Oreo Eyeballs for your guests! They require an imaginative eye but what happens if some don’t turn out perfect? Looks like you’re going to have to eat the evidence!



Oreo Cookies

Blue & green gel icing

Red food coloring

A small paintbrush

Brown M&Ms



Remove half of the Oreo cookie and discard (eat!) Keep the side that holds the frosting. Add a decent sized glob of either blue or green icing in the middle of the frosting – alternate the colors to have an even amount of each! Place 1 M&M in the center of the icing. Lastly, put a small drop of red food coloring in a bowl or plate. Using the paintbrush, paint red vein on the white frosting, around the colored gel.


4. Frozen Banana Ghosts

Boo – nana! These banana ghosts are a dream come true when looking for a healthy treat the kids actually want to eat! Who knew Halloween treats could be something other than candy?!


Ingredients: (Makes 4 Ghosts)

1 Banana

4 Popsicle Sticks

8 mini chocolate chips

1 cup of white chocolate



Cutting lengthwise, slice the banana in half from end to end. Next, cut slices in half to make 4 quarters. Insert Popsicle sticks into the bottom of each piece and freeze on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Once banana pieces are frozen, fill a mug or small bowl with the white chocolate and microwave chocolate in 30 second intervals, stirring in between until it is melted and soft. Next, working one at a time, dip the bananas into the white chocolate and reset them on the cookie sheet and wax paper. Working quickly, place the chocolate chips into the bananas as eyes before the chocolate hardens. Return to the freezer until they are hardened. Finally – enjoy a delicious and healthy Halloween treat!


Frightfully delightful, these Halloween treats are sure to cast a spell on your guests! Quick, easy, and adorably spooky, they will be the talk of the party! Who ever said hosting was a chore? With recipes like these, it’ll be a treat!


Breastfeeding and Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a month when we’re all thinking pink and reflecting on our own health as it pertains to the risk factors of breast cancer.  Chances are each of us knows someone who has been touched by this disease.  There are nearly 220,000 women diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the U.S. and approximately 40,000 die of it annually.

There is no cure for any type of cancer, but months, like October, are dedicated to advocacy and fundraising for various types of cancer.  Many of the known risk factors of cancer – all cancers – are the same:  smoking or any use of tobacco or nicotine products; exposure to radiation; infection; sunlight; genetic factors; hormones; and aging.  It is also believed that poor diet, being physically inactive, excessive alcohol consumption, stress and environmental conditions can be risk factors of cancer as well.  While we cannot change our genes or the natural aging process, there are certainly ways to position ourselves to reduce our own risk of cancer.  These include: eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of exercise, limiting sun exposure, avoiding tobacco and alcohol and maintaining overall full-body health and wellness.

Breastfeeding and Breast CancerFor women, when it comes to breast cancer, there is one additional measure we can talk for ourselves and our daughters:  Breastfeeding.  Breastfeeding reduces risk of both estrogen-negative and estrogen-positive breast cancers.  And there is never too much of a good thing when it comes to breastfeeding as it relates to lowering risk of breast cancer.  Statistically speaking, the longer a mother breastfeeds, the more her risk is reduced.  Women who breastfeed for more than a year total, between all of her children, have a 28% lower risk of breast cancer than those who do not.

Breastfeeding lowers a woman’s risk of breast cancer for several reasons:

First, between pregnancy and breastfeeding, a nursing mom will have less menstrual cycles.  Breastfeeding usually delays the return of periods, which is call amenorrhea.  Some women that breastfeed don’t menstruate for more than a year after giving birth.  Less menstrual cycles result in lower estrogen in the body, which reduces the potential for cancer.

Believe it or not, breasts that are busy making milk don’t have time to form cancer cells.  Producing breast milk takes a lot of effort – 25% of the body’s energy, in fact.  When cells are focused on making that wonderful, nutritious, delicious milk for babies, they are less likely to develop cancer.

Additionally, women who breastfeed tend to be healthier on the whole.  It could be because breastfeeding is a choice that health-conscious women make for the health of both themselves and their babies.  It also could be that, even if they are not as concerned for their own health, mothers are interested in the very best health for their babies.  That means a healthy diet that is passed through breast milk to the baby, as well as exercising, stress management and getting plenty of sleep.  And most moms who are breastfeeding follow recommendations of not smoking and drinking alcohol.

For babies, human milk can provide amazing antibodies to keep their bodies strong in infancy and throughout their entire lives.  Their immune systems are stronger, they get less bacterial and viral infections and they contract fewer diseases.  They also tend to be healthier, eat healthier, are less likely to be obese and are more well-adjusted members of society.  Remember those risk factors from earlier?  Many of them may be avoided by giving your baby a great nutritional start and being a role model for healthy habits.  As if that were not enough, baby girls who are given human milk are 25% less likely to get breast cancer themselves.

There is not definitive way to avoid getting cancer.  But knowing risk factors and avoiding them is your best chance at personally evading this life-threatening disease.  Make breastfeeding one of the ways you stand up to cancer.  It could save your life and it could save your baby’s life some day too.

Baby Halloween Costumes

Baby Halloween Costumes Sweater weather, hay rides, pumpkin picking, falling leaves, cookouts and spooky costumes. What does this all add up to? Only the coziest month of the year: October! Yes, fall is here and that means a lot of wonderful things. But most importantly, Halloween is just around the corner!

You’re probably used to going through the costume picking process and, if you’re a new mom, things are about to change. No longer are you focusing around pretty, witty, or even sexy. Now? You want a mom and baby costume to photograph and document for years to come! (And perhaps embarrass them with when they’re older!)

So get out the cameras and sewing supplies because we’ve collected some of the most creative ideas yet, from the almost too adorable to wildly hilarious!

Baby Costume Ideas

If you’re not into dressing up but would still like your little one to participate in the festivities, get excited! Without the fuss of your own costume you are free to focus completely on the lovable hilarity of your baby’s! DIY baby costumes are key this Halloween and below are a few options that always please the crowd!

The Burrito Baby

 Are you a Chipotle fan? If so, ask for an extra bag on your next burrito run and let the merriment begin! Simple, funny and warm, this cheap and easy infant costume will have you cheerful all night – and perhaps a little hungry, as well…

The Timeless Classic

We’re sure you’ve seen it and loved it every time. Why? Because a baby dressed as an elderly person is just too funny! And if your little one is learning to walk, it is the perfect chance for some outdoor practice!

Biker Baby

Looking to be cutting edge this holiday? The quick and easy biker baby costume is perfect! And HALARIOUS! A little eyeliner beard and I LOVE MOM tattoo, dollar store bandana and baby biker shirt and jeans will make this Halloween the edgiest yet! Oh, did we say edgiest? We meant cutest!

Mom and Baby Costume Ideas

Looking to dress up with your little one? Well, toss out the heels and grab the baby carrier because it is time to focus on cute and comfortable! And while many costumes are expensive, you don’t have to go out of your way to buy a matching outfit. Instead, take advantage of the things you have around the house. DIY mom and baby costumes never get old! Below are a few moms who have outdone themselves! We hope this Halloween you do the same!

Baby Lion & Mama Lion Tamer


Get a roaring applause this Halloween as the loveable lion & lion tamer duo! A little eyeliner mustache, a cheap costume shop top hat and a classy outfit of your own will make for a flawless lion tamer! And if you know how to sew, put this adorable lion costume together yourself! If not, there are plenty of cheap, well-made options that you can purchase online. Either way, you’ll trick or treat your way into pocketfuls of candy with a costume this cute!

Little Popped Corn & Mommy Attendant!

Who needs candy when you can have popcorn? Easily dress up as a mama movie attendant and bag of popcorn with a few easy materials: for the attendant you’ll need a white button up, black slacks, and a red bow tie! For the baby bag of popcorn, simply glue together pieces of white and red felt around your baby carrier. If it’s chilly, hot glue some pieces of popcorn to your baby’s white beanie! With a costume this sweet, you’ll want to eat your little one up!

Rainbow Brite and Sprite

From the beloved children’s TV show, Rainbow Brite and Sprite is the ideal costume to add a little love and color to this traditionally eerie holiday! Focus your costume around rainbows and, for your baby, lots of cozy fluff! Lovely and sweet, this costume is perfect for a new mom to portray the love and warmth she feels for her baby.

Family Costumes:

If you and your husband want the fun and charm of a matching costume, make sure to include the kids! Group costumes are both wonderful and entertaining and they allow the whole family to play a part. From a favorite movie to a favorite food group, family costumes are always the way to go!

The Beehive

A little pricy to create but, the outcome? TOTALLY worth it! Consider, as a practical costume alternative, using a bee beanie for your baby and dress up the carrier as a hive. No matter what you decide, dressing up as a beehive with your little honey and hubby will make everyone agree: your costume is the bee’s knees!

The Safari

Comfy, cozy, and cute, this family costume is to die over! While keeping your newborn soft and warm in their lion snuggy, pull on your hiking boots and high socks for a real safari adventure! Include some aviators and binoculars to spot all the jealous onlookers!

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

If you have two little ones and your husband wants to be a part of the family costume, but not enough to wear the makeup and clothes, go for a simple and cute alternative! With the purchase of snuggly animal costumes and a simple ‘Oh my.’ t-shirt, you can still achieve an adorable Halloween pun while pleasing everyone.

With inspiration like this we’re sure you’re ready to get started on your own! So break out the camera and sewing supplies and remember: you’ll be mummy of the year with costumes like these!