14 Ways to Wear Maternity Leggings this Fall

Maternity leggings are quite possibly the most versatile piece in every expecting and new moms’ wardrobe.  They are so comfortable, so soft and so easy to wear, they are perfect for just about any occasion.  Don’t believe us?  Check out these 14 ways you can wear Loving Moments maternity leggings this fall:

14 Ways to Wear Maternity Leggings this Fall

Baby Shower:  You’ll definitely be the subject of lots of pictures at your baby shower so you’ll want to look cute and trendy.  Usually the guest of honor sits in front of friends to open gifts.  If you plan to wear a dress for your fall-time baby shower, adding maternity leggings is a smart idea.  Keep it looking snazzy in pumps or some feminine flats.

Strike a Pose:  The super stretchy cotton/spandex blend of your Loving Moments maternity leggings will give you the flexibility to strike any yoga pose your body can handle.  On top, go for our crossover active-wear shirt, which also stretches and allows maximum mobility during yoga.  Pre-natal yoga is an excellent source of exercise to keep muscles strong and toned during pregnancy.  It also teaches breathing techniques and will power that may come in handy during labor, delivery and beyond.

Carpool Line:  Baseball cap – check!  Hubby’s oversized t-shirt – check!  Maternity leggings – check!  Flip flops – check!  You are ready to take your older kids to school!

Gabbing with Girlfriends:  Lunching with your lady friends can still be fashionable during pregnancy.  Pair your Loving Moments maternity leggings with a belted empire waist top and colorful wedges for a super chic look.  Don’t forget to add a few pieces of fun jewelry too.

No One is Looking:  As hormones surge during and after pregnancy, hot flashes are normal.  When you’re home alone, what could be more comfy than your snuggly maternity leggings and our crossover cotton maternity bra?  Seriously, no one is looking and if you’ve already had your baby, feedings will be a snap.

Pre- & Post-Natal Power Walking:  If your doctor says you’re fit for some physical activity, walking is one of the best things you can do before and after your baby is born.  It’s pretty low impact but can be aerobic and keeps the blood flowing throughout your body.  Lace up your sneakers and get moving with maternity leggings and our crossover active-wear top.

Baby’s Coming:  When you feel the signs that your baby is about to make her debut, nothing could be easier than to slip on a pair of maternity leggings, grab your bag and head straight for the hospital.  Trust us, at that point, any top and shoes will do.

Bringing Baby Home:  No need to pack tons of clothes for your hospital stay.  Your maternity leggings are so versatile, you can wear them post-partum too.  Loving Moments’ maternity leggings feature an inner adjustable band that cinches in after your baby is born to fit comfortably both before and after your baby arrives.  Bring a cute top to wear home because you’ll probably want to take some commemorative photos to mark the occasion.

Baby Registry Mission:  Picking out all the gear and adorable items you want for your baby can be a marathon process.  Stay comfy in maternity leggings, a breezy blouse, an open cardigan and some cozy riding boots.  Ready…Set…Register!

Rainy Day:  Nothing could be more uncomfortable than a pregnant lady in wet maternity jeans.  Instead grab your maternity leggings, galoshes and raincoat to keep dry on a rainy day.  If your raincoat doesn’t fit, borrow your husband’s.  He’ll probably relinquish it for the cause.

Sweet Dreams:  Catching some zzz’s is sacred during your last few months of pregnancy and first few months with baby.  Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes to bed.  Yes, maternity leggings are great pajama pants, especially in the cooler nights of fall.  Wear them with Loving Moments nursing cami to be ready for middle-of-the-night feedings once your baby arrives.

Date Night:  You’ll want to get in as many date nights as you can before baby arrives.  Pair your maternity leggings with some knee-high boots and a shimmery maternity top.  Add some big earrings or a chunky necklace to feel super glam.  Combined with your natural pregnancy glow, you’re sure to capture your love’s heart all over again.

Lazy Sunday:  Lounging at home for a television marathon or cozying up with a good book at your corner coffee shop?  Keep it cool and casual in your maternity leggings, oversized sweatshirt and trendy sneakers.

Nesting:  You are not alone if you are frantically cleaning your house and organizing every last inch of your nursery.  It’s natural for expectant moms to want to get their lives in order before baby comes.  Remember, play it safe.  No harsh chemicals or paints and no high ladders.  Otherwise, nest away in your comfy maternity leggings and “bun in the oven” t-shirt.