Loving Moments’ Maternity to Nursing Collection has arrived!

The Loving Moments Maternity to Nursing Collection has arrived and moms everywhere are applauding! Designed to be a loving mother’s helping hand at a time where she’ll need it most, our products feature elements specifically focused around comfort, ease, and convenience. Exciting and new, they will take a mother seamlessly from pregnancy to breastfeeding, offering her the gorgeous style and adjustable fit a new mom deserves! With benefits you can really feel, the Loving Moments Collection is an essential for a mom’s maternity & nursing wardrobe. Show off your dazzling mommy glow and enjoy your loving moments feeling comfortable, supported, and beautiful!
Section 2: Loving Moments’ Maternity to Nursing Collection features smart and stylish wardrobe staples such as: maternity leggings, maternity support belt, nursing tanks, nursing bras, nursing covers, and washable nursing pads! With the new Loving Moments Collection, every day of your maternity to nursing journey will be a sweet celebration!
Maternity Clothes
Everyday Nursing Bras
Nursing Tops
Loving Moments’ new Maternity to Nursing Collection adds cute wardrobe staples like maternity leggings and nursing tops to every mom’s wardrobe. Our Nursing Collection still features the maternity bras, cotton every day nursing bras, and washable nursing pads that our moms already love. Every day is a sweet celebration from pregnancy to breastfeeding with the Loving Moments collections!